Detachable Kayak Trolley

Detachable Kayak Trolley


This kayak trolley is easy to install and use. The large pneumatic rubber tyres roll smoothly across sand, gravel, and road. Transporting and moving your kayaks around has never been easier!

Material: Aluminum + Pneumatic Rubber
Loading Capacity: 50kg
Tyre Size: 26 x 8.5cm 
Kickstand Diameter: 2cm
Kickstand Height: 44cm
Crossbar Width: 24 - 42cm 
Weight: 2.3kg 
Package Size: 54 x 39 x 10cm
Package Weight: 2.733kg


  • Installation Instructions

    The top parts of the kickstands are inserted into the kayak bottom scuppers and the EVA cushions help to protect kayak whilst being transported. The width of the unique crossbar is adjustable with a screw to accommodate different placement of scuppers. The bottom kickstands are very easy to install into the tyres with two buttons.

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